Many of our projects include retained heritage assets that make a strong and positive contribution to placemaking as well as supporting sustainability as part of development proposals.

Our role at MEP, either working with other heritage professionals or providing heritage advice directly, includes the provision of advice on designated heritage assets including listed buildings and conservation areas. We also advise on non-designated heritage assets such as locally listed buildings.

The historic environment is an important and finite environmental and cultural asset. When considered carefully and sensitively, heritage assets and the wider historic environment can contribute to placemaking and sustainability as part of development proposals.  MEP’s heritage expertise is utilised in a number of ways as demonstrated in the example projects. We provide advice on a wide range of heritage issues and help provide effective and sympathetic solutions, securing uses via the planning system to ensure the longevity of the asset.  At a strategic level, this enables us to bring forward new uses and improve the way a place functions, whilst at the most detailed level it ensures we identify appropriate materials and details when designing public realm, but all to the end result of respecting and enhancing heritage assets.

In all of our heritage work we seek to create the best solution by understanding and responding to heritage assets and working with local planning authorities; Historic England and other key stakeholders to effectively navigate the requirements of the planning system.