Shipton Eco Village


The Shiptons’ is a being promoted by MEP as a new settlement that is an exemplar for modern living with a prime focus on promoting a more sustainable form of development for future generations that significantly reduces our carbon output and seeks transformational change in the way we both live and work.

As a consequence, this proposed development confronts our reliance on movement by the private car, creates a self-contained development where people can both live and work within the same community, creates a green and sustainable infrastructure from the outset and produces a sustainable growth point within Shipton On Cherwell.  The proposed development has the ability to be expanded beyond the proposed plan period (2040).

Site details and constraints

Shipton Quarry is a working limestone quarry located immediately north of the village of Shipton-on-Cherwell and north of the City of Oxford. The site is subject to the following constraints:

  • SSSI
  • Greenbelt
  • Local Nature Reserve
  • Part of site within Flood Zone 3

Our role

The team at MEP has been involved with this project since its concept around 2 years ago.  Since 2020, the team has been responsible for:

Carrying out a detailed site appraisal identifying site constraints and opportunities.

  • Carrying out a detailed appraisal identifying site constraints and opportunities.
  • Producing a Vision Statement which has been presented to Cherwell District Council (“CDC”) with the opportunity to deliver a flagship sustainable new settlement that meets the housing and employment requirements of the district, with transformational change at its core.
  • Formulating a planning strategy.
  • Formulating a strategy for and carrying out extensive pre-application engagements with the LPA and Stakeholders.
  • Leading a multi-disciplinary team, identifying key constraints and planning policy implications.


The site has been included within the Sustainability Appraisal by Cherwell District Council.

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