Sharpness Eco Village


Sharpness is being promoted by MEP as a growth point to provide a new Eco-Village within Stroud. The proposed village will connect nature, heritage and sustainable design across neighbourhoods linked by green corridors, cycle paths and bus routes.

The proposed Eco-Village will provide a comprehensive development that will include the following;

  • A 10ha business park
  • Up to 5,000 dwellings to meet the District’s needs up to 2036 and beyond, including 30% affordable housing
  • Primary and secondary schools
  • Community services including shops, health facilities and leisure areas
  • Green infrastructure which includes 13.5ha of new wood planting
  • Potential for a new rail link to Cam
  • Improvements to junction 14 of the M5 motorway

Site details and constraints

A predominantly Greenfield site between Gloucester and Stonehouse. It is outside of any settlement.

Our role

The team at MEP has provided a sustainable concept and strategy which has been accepted by the Council and wider community. In order to achieve this the team at MEP undertook the following:

  • Created a vision for the new settlement.
  • Formed a planning strategy.
  • Formulated a strategy for and carried out extensive pre-application engagements with the LPA and Stakeholders.
  • Lead a multi-disciplinary team.
  • Identified key constraints and planning policy implications.
  • Appeared at the Stroud Local Plan Examination.
  • Preparation of a planning application for the eco village which includes 2,750 dwellings, 10 ha business park, new rail link and railway station, green infrastructure, primary and secondary schools, and sustainable transport measures.
  • Supporting the Environmental Impact Assessment process.


The proposed eco village has been allocated within the Stroud Local Plan Review which is currently going through examination.


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