New research and development facility for McMurtry Automotive.


Founded in 2016 McMurtry Automotive invents, engineers and develops electric vehicles to challenge conventions surrounding the automotive industry. This is a significant market within the UK both for the knowledge-intensive sector as well as pioneering changes in movement and travel for a more sustainable future.

McMurtry is currently focused on delivering a radical new electric car concept. More broadly, the business is engaged in the development of environmentally friendly and socially focused technologies. The company has a track record of building highly successful businesses through engineering innovation and delivering significant employment benefits to the local area.

Site details and constraints

  • Greenfield site.
  • Listed buildings occupying the site.
  • Site is adjacent to conservation areas.
  • Kingswood Vale South LCA.
  • Public Rights of way traversing the site.
  • Significant ecological interest.
  • Area falling into Flood Zone 3 is located to the north of the site.

Our role

  • Carrying out a detailed site appraisal identifying site constraints and opportunities.
  • Co-ordinate and manage a consultant team.
  • Formulate a planning strategy.
  • Carry out pre-application discussions.
  • Organise and host a community event.
  • Preparation, submission and monitoring of the planning application.


MEP submitted a planning application in May 2023 for a new research and development facility. Specifically to be used for the development of electric vehicle technology, the proposal represents a unique and exciting opportunity to provide an innovative, bespoke building, a platform to enable innovative engineering development.

The new building seeks to provide a distinct relationship with the landscape by creating a unique building, constructed of high-quality and vernacular materials. The building will maximise sustainable construction techniques incorporating environmentally friendly and socially focussed technologies, and maximising associated employment opportunities within the local area.

A significant positive benefit of the proposals is the contribution of land to the local greenway initiative. This will provide for greater interconnection with the town of Wotton and the villages of Charfield and Kingswood and encourage walking and cycling to work.

Through the promotion of innovative green technology in the automotive industry, the proposals address some of the fundamental issues associated with climate change.

MEP worked closely with the following consultants:

  • Rappor
  • Davies Landscape Architects
  • Roberts Limbrick.

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