West Oxfordshire Local Plan – Consultation release – Call for sites

5 September 2023

Focused consultation on ideas and objectives (30 August – 25 October 2023) – LIVE

West Oxfordshire Council (WOC) is preparing a new Local Plan which will help shape the future of West Oxfordshire to 2041.

In terms of process, preparing a Local Plan falls into two main stages:

• Plan preparation 1 – is when the Council carries out informal engagement on the potential scope of the Local Plan and explores different options to inform emerging policies and proposals and help identify a preferred approach.

• Publication 2 – is the formal stage when the Council produces the final draft version of the plan which it considers to be ‘sound’ and ready for independent examination.

WOC is currently at the plan preparation stage, seeking views on the general scope and content of the new Local Plan.

Building on the feedback received to the initial consultation last year, WOC is running an 8-week focused consultation from which runs until 25 October 2023 based around 3 particular elements:

  • Draft local plan objectives – a series of draft objectives which are intended to guide the future evolution of the plan in terms of its overall approach and anticipated policy content;
  • The future pattern of development in West Oxfordshire – different scenarios for how and where we might look to focus future growth in the period up to 2041;
  • Call for sites, ideas and opportunities – an open invitation for stakeholders to put forward their thoughts on how land in the district might be used in the future such as new housing, employment, infrastructure, community use, green space, nature recovery and renewable energy.

If you have any land interests which may be suitable for future development, and would like our help with making a submission, please contact us as soon as possible.

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