14 August 2023

We are pleased to confirm that a Certificate of Lawful Proposed use has been granted for the use of Regency Hall, Cheltenham as a hostel, with shared facilities for use by occupants.  An application was approved on the 27th of June 2005 for the ‘erection of a 100-bed space student hostel (Class C1)’, however, there were no conditions attached to the permission which specifically restrict the type of occupancy for the hostel use or limit the number of bed spaces.  Cheltenham Borough Council accepted evidence submitted by MEP in support of the client’s case confirming that the property could be occupied by residents other than students and a Certificate of Lawfulness was duly granted.

A Certificate of Lawful Proposed/Existing Use (CLEUD) certifies that an existing building/use is lawful and it will prevent any enforcement action being taken. The granting of a CLEUD application only applies to the lawfulness of the existing development. It doesn’t remove the requirement to comply with any other legal requirements. 

If you need any assistance regarding Certificates of Lawful use or Development, please do contact our in-house expert Grant Baylis.

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