MEP plays leading role as expert witness in Stroud Local Plan Examination

10 May 2023

Paul Fong, MEP’s managing Director, has been actively participating in the current Stroud Local Plan Examination. On behalf of three clients; Sharpness Development LLP, Ecotricity and McMurtry, Paul has been providing evidence at the Stroud District Local Plan Examination. 

The Examination, which is a virtual event, is an independent hearing conducted by the Planning Inspectorate.  The Inspector’s role is to assess whether the Stroud District Council’s Local Plan Review, as submitted, has been prepared in accordance with legal and procedural requirements and to determine whether it is sound. The purpose of the hearing sessions is to enable the Inspector to obtain the information required to make these assessments.

MEP is representing its clients in relation to three sites; the new eco village at Sharpness, the new Ecotricity business park near Stonehouse and a new employment allocation for specialist industrial development at Wotton Under Edge.  On behalf of clients, Paul, along with the wider client teams, has been reinforcing the case for the new eco town and the business park, clarifying a number of issues for the Inspector.

The hearing sessions commenced in March and are expected to continue through until end of 2023.  

For more information on the proposed new town at Sharpness, please click here.

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